The Founders

Sara Margulis, Co-founder and CEO

Photo of Sara Margulis, CEO of Ms. Margulis worked in online marketing and customer service before before starting Plumfund with her co-founder, Josh Margulis. She holds an MBA in marketing from Golden Gate University.

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On-air Personality

Ms. Margulis’s winning appearance on “Shark Tank” (2014) propelled her into regional, national, and international broadcast media appearances, discussing topics including weddings and honeymoons, personal finance, entrepreneurship, motivation and women in business.

Her upcoming book, “Forever: How Successful Couples Make Love Last,” explores how couples can prepare themselves for life-long love, and keep love strong years and decades into the marriage.

Selected Appearances

Tech CEO: Women in Charge Need to Demand Change

Why Traveling is Good for Relationships

Synapse 2019 Keynote: Lessons Learned on the Journey to Florida

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Josh Margulis, Co-founder

Photo of Josh Margulis, CTO of Honeyfund.comMr. Margulis drew from his background as a systems and software engineer at Adobe Systems to co-found Honeyfund in 2005, and Plumfund in 2013. Prior to joining Adobe Systems, Josh was a software engineer at Macromedia, Microsoft, and Xerox. Josh earned his bachelor of science in computer engineering and computer science from the University of Southern California in 2000. Josh served as CTO of Honeyfund and Plumfund from 2006 to 2019.


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