Three Ways a Babyfund Is Awesome for New Parents

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Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting, and overwhelming feelings in the world! I remember when Josh and I were expecting our first child, we were overloaded with the decisions we found ourselves facing. Which crib would be safe? Which stroller would meet all our needs? Will friends and family come visit? How will we save for college?

I’m happy to say a lot of these questions can be answered with a babyfund! Here are the top three ways your life as new parents will be a lot easier with a babyfund:

You’ll be able to afford the best stuff

A babyfund allows baby shower guests to pool funds for parents-to-be who need a few big-ticket items such as a higher-end crib or stroller. Simply create a custom wish list to showcase some of the essential items that you need. This is the stuff that will keep baby safe and work great for a second or even third child!

Friends and family, near and far, can give

A babyfund does something a baby shower can’t do: It allows friends and family from afar to be part of your special time! Typically, if friends and family don’t live in the area, they’re not likely not attend a baby shower. And, by crowdgifting the affair, you help those that will travel ditch packing and hauling gifts. You can keep your supporters informed with fun updates on your page such as sonogram pictures. This plumfund is a great example.


Flexibility after Baby Arrives

The minute the baby comes, you’ll know a lot about what you didn’t know. Your Plumfund will not only help cover cost of essential and big-ticket items, but also those that you haven’t even thought of yet. The funds left in the baby shower will allow you to pickup a few extras you weren’t anticipating.

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