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Help Joan Gono's orphanage

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A charity fund forJoan Gono's orphanage

$7,646 given of $9,000 goal

Help Joan Gono's orphanage

Started by: Alisha Horowitz


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Dear friends and family,

It’s hard to believe nearly 10 years have passed since I met Joan Gono and visited her orphanage in N’Zérékoré, Guinea. Although I’ll never forget the children, shyly sneaking peeks at me as they played, this annual fundraiser is what keeps the beauty and urgency of Joan’s mission alive for me. I’ve seen how far our donations go in sustaining Joan’s orphanage throughout the year, ensuring that the children’s basic needs are met. I’ve also seen our support enable Joan to make significant improvements in the quality of life she and her small team are able to provide. The yearly photos offer another powerful testament, as shown here in the sense of security, belonging, and joy on each face. I hope you’ll join me again in supporting this worthy cause.


Joan has provided a safe haven to orphaned and other vulnerable children in her West African community for nearly 14 years. This past year—as the world continues to grapple with the pandemic—has been no exception. Joan welcomed two new children to her orphanage family. Benedict’s mother died when he was just a month old. Unable to care for the baby, his father brought Beni, now nearly 1, to Joan. Three-year-old Nema’s parents abandoned him, and a member of his village sought refuge for him with Joan. Beni and Nema are growing stronger and healthier every day in the orphanage’s nurturing environment.

The orphanage currently supports 30 children, ranging in age from 11 months to 16 years old. Your contributions last year paid for their health care and medicine, food, school fees, clothing, school supplies, and education—all key to the children’s continued well-being. Last year’s funds also helped pay for new mattresses and bunk beds, along with rent, transportation, and staff salaries.


Joan needs donors like you to help with the day-to-day costs of keeping the orphanage running and the children safe and healthy. She does not receive government funding and has limited income from running a small guesthouse, which has had fewer travelers due to the pandemic. In addition to the necessities, Joan hopes this year’s funds will cover some much-needed building renovations, phones for staff, a computer for tracking expenses and writing reports, and salaries for two additional staff members.


Please join me again this year in supporting Joan’s orphanage, helping to make a better life possible for the children. Your contribution—of any amount—will make a critical difference for each of them. 100% of the money raised will go to maintaining and improving the place they call home. If you would prefer to contribute through Venmo, my Venmo is @Alisha-Horowitz and the last four numbers of my cellphone are 4311. Please leave a note that your contribution is for Joan’s orphanage.

As in past years, Joan will follow the fundraiser online, so you’re welcome to leave her a message. And, if inspired, please share this appeal with your friends and family

Joan and I send our sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you and your families this holiday season. And we hope you enjoy the photos of the children your generosity has helped support!

With heartfelt gratitude,



Since 2008, Joan has ensured a better life and brighter future for more than 60 children whose lives were forever changed by the death of one or both parents or their inability to care for them. And since 2012, the year I met Joan and visited her orphanage, we have helped to keep the orphanage safe and open.

Please note that this is not a U.S.-registered nonprofit, which means that you will probably not be able to deduct any contribution as a charitable deduction on your taxes. Check with your tax advisor for specifics.

Latest Update

Dear friends and family, Thanks to you, we raised more than $9,000 for Joan Gono’s orphanage in N'Zerekore, Guinea, West Africa, for 2021. Another record for this annual fundraiser! This amount includes online contributions, Venmo transfers and checks received. Your support for these children means the world. And, as always, 100% of this money goes to the orphanage. Joan and I are so grateful to caring donors like you for your ongoing support and generosity. As you can see from the children’s smiles, they are safe, healthy and thriving! Wishing you and yours all the best. With heartfelt gratitude, Alisha Horowitz

Posted by Alisha

March 1 at 3:52am

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58 Supporters

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  • Rebecca C. Fowler18 weeks ago Thank you Alisha! Thank you Joan!
  • Richard Oliphant19 weeks ago
  • Barbara Rice19 weeks ago Joan, Keep up the good work. Love, Barbara
  • Stuart Horowitz19 weeks ago Joan, Thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing! Stuart Horowitz
  • Joanna Rotkin19 weeks ago Sorry it's so late this year! Was a bit crazy with Covid and the fires, but am so happy it is still open and I can be part of this amazing work you are doing Alisha and Sarie! xooxox Jo
  • Rosanne M Carey20 weeks ago
  • Anonymous20 weeks ago
  • Donald G Klocek20 weeks ago Best wishes.
  • Heather Greer20 weeks ago Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022!
  • Anonymous20 weeks ago Great work!!
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