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Tour for Becky

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A charity fund forThe Memory of Becky Lekberg

$7,400 given of $3,000 goal

Tour for Becky

Started by: Aaron Stephenson


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2019 Tour for Becky

A celebration, a commemoration, a continuation of generosity

(Quick note: This site is the funding platform and has limited storytelling capacity; for the full experience, please surf over to after donating for much more detailed information and updates. You can sign up to follow the blog there, too. Also, if you prefer, on the donation page you can make an off-line donation which you can mail to the address provided or give to us in person.)

On June 13, 2016, Rebecca Witherell Lekberg, my mother-in-law, passed from this world after a courageous 20+ year battle with breast cancer. People who knew Becky knew her as a kind and giving soul who was always doing things to help make the world a better place. In addition, she was a serious contender for World’s Best Grandma to her three grandkids. After her retirement from a career working as a speech pathologist in elementary schools, she could be found volunteering for a number of organizations in her community and helping anyone who needed a hand. Giving was a way of life for her.

Now that some time has passed since her death, we wanted to find a way to commemorate her life and extend her example of giving . Therefore, this summer, from the middle of June until the 8th of July, Aaron will be biking approximately 1/2 way across the US (Massachusetts to Minnesota) to fundraise for two causes we know that had been important to her: Children's welfare and battling cancer. All funds raised will be donated in her memory.


$6,000 (this is an update to the original $3,000 that we blew past!)

For this ride I have two goals that are equally important. The first is to raise the total amount of $6,000, which roughly equates to $4 a mile. It will be enormously encouraging to me in the face of rain, sun, and exhaustion to know that every ten miles I can bank $30 for the two worthy causes we are supporting.

125+ (this is also updated from the original 100)

The second goal is in the number of contributions. I hope to reach at least 125 individuals who want to support the project. Reaching or surpassing this number is just as meaningful as the dollars! Knowing you are behind me will really help me keep the pedals cranking. As an added bonus, all contributors will get their name inscribed on the bike. If you live close by or are on the route you can write it yourself!

Think 15

Of course ANY donation is welcome, but if you want to support on a per mile basis, you can think of it in increments of $15 because the tour will be just a bit over 1500 miles.

$15= .01 a mile 😁

$30= .02 a mile 😁😁

$45= .03 a mile 😁😁😁

$60= .05 a mile 😁😁😁😁😁

$150=.10 a mile 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🀭

Your generous contribution will be split between these two organizations:

Horizons for Homeless Youth:

Horizons for Homeless Children is leading the fight to help alleviate the trauma and stress of homelessness on both children and their families by providing high-quality early education, vital opportunities for play, support for parents, and crucial advocacy on behalf of some of our most marginalized citizens.

This is not only an organization that is in-line with Becky's passions but also has a personal connection to our family as Jody (Becky’s daughter and my wife) is now involved in through volunteering. The organization is 70% supported through private donations like ours.

Your gift will provide much-needed support for our programs, including:

$25 towards Play-Doh and other crafts that enhance children’s sense of touch and inspire creativity

$50 for a set of puzzles that will build children’s problem solving skills

$150 towards dramatic play costumes and props to spur imagination

$500 for a play kitchen to inspire the next famous chef

$2,500 brings music and art lessons to 175 children in our early education centers for one month

Rays of Hope:

Since it was founded in 1994, Rays of Hope has been committed to improving the breast health of people in our communities with quality and compassion. In partnership with the Baystate Health Breast Network and Baystate Health Foundation, funding benefits research at the Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research, breast cancer programs and services, outreach and education, and awards grants to various community support programs and organizations.

Tour for Becky the Pacific Ocean

There is a possibility of a second leg in summer 2020 from Minnesota to Washington.

Many and genuine thanks for supporting this project. Every donation is a ripple that emanates from the life and work of our beloved Becky.

Tour for Becky Website:

Latest Update

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for your hugely generous donations! In the space of just 10 days we have reached our initial goal of $3,000. This is astonishing to me and a fantastic tribute to Becky! (A special shout out to the Hurd family who put us over the top last night) The other goal was getting at least 100 supporters of the ride and we are up to 47; so the campaign continues. If anyone comes to mind, feel free to give them a nudge :) $5 is all it takes. Another small "incentive" that I have come up with is that everyone can sign my bike! If you are far a way, we will put your name or initials on for you. It will help remind me of the great people who are powering the good we are doing for Rays of Hope and Horizons for Homeless Youth, which may come in especially handy at mile 70 on a hot day! I have the sharpies ready. In humble gratitude, Aaron

Posted by Aaron

April 6 at 2:22pm

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Trina Stephenson — 2 years ago

Congratulations on your progress and we are all reading the blog posts at on Campobello Island!

154 Supporters

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  • Mary W1 year ago Best wishes. Host White Bear
  • Howe Family1 year ago Best wishes. River Falls hosts.
  • Michelle and Keith1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Justin and Sarah1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Joseph P Mathews1 year ago Hey Aaron, just finally had time to checkin on you, sounds like you are doing well out there on the road! Im sipping a Long Trail double bag in your honor ( actually my third ;-) , smooth flat roads my friend ! See you on the return ! ~ Joe
  • Nicholas Stefani1 year ago
  • Barb Geiger1 year ago Best wishes! So nice to meet you, Aaron. Thank you for what you are doing to help others. We wish you safety in your travels, kindness in your new friendships, and a few tailwinds to ease your way. Barb, Gene and Eric
  • Emily and Greg1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Dick and Judy1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Dave & Sharla1 year ago Good Luck!!!!
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