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Warm the NEW Sea Tea STUDIOS!

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A community fund forSea Tea Improv Studios

$8,875 given of $15,075 goal

Warm the NEW Sea Tea STUDIOS!

Started by: Sea Tea Improv


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Wow. Huge news. After seven hilarious years and growth, Sea Tea Improv is moving our teaching & rehearsing studios to a new space on December 1, 2019.

We'll be going right around the corner to 11 Asylum Street-- if that sounds familiar, it's because we'll be right above the Sea Tea Comedy Theater. We are thrilled to unify the Sea Tea Improv Studios and Sea Tea Comedy Theater in one building.

Why is this happening? As you may have seen in the papers, Pratt Street building will be overhauled and renovated into apartments within the next decade. In the meantime, it's gotten so much wear and tear that it's no longer the space that you, our fabulous community, deserves. We're taking this development news as a chance to jump to a great and convenient space. Our community of artists deserve an upgrade.

These new studio spaces will provide the same high-quality, professional experience for our students that we offer performers and audiences in our theater, with some thrilling new features. Two words: air conditioning! You'll also enjoy a bigger elevator, a community lounge, easy access to each room, the ability to go right down to the theater, two whole bathrooms, and so much more.

Here's where you come in: we need to make this studio feel like home. Right now it feels like an abandoned corporate office. We can do better, but it will take a budget leap that we didn't plan on.

In 2015, the Connecticut Improv community came together and raised just over $60K to help build Sea Tea Comedy Theater. That represented a small fraction of the total cost. This beautiful space has been the artistic home for this generous and supportive community for three years. Together we can create a warm and welcoming place for comedians to learn and grow, connect our two spaces, and create more sustainable systems. Most of all, we have the chance to unite our community and make this space the place where you make friends, collaborate artistically, and find your people.

So this holiday season, we hope you will consider making a gift to our studio warming fund. You can even choose what aspect of the space that you want to bring to life! Individuals who make a contribution of $100 or more will receive a free Sea Tea Improv beanie as a thank you.

Every last one of the items on this list will make the new studios a cozier, more useful experience for other members of our artistic community.

Here's how it works: these numbers are researched estimates of what each item will cost. Once we're done with the fundraiser, we'll adjust exact purchases to make sure we use your money responsibly while still creating the space you want and need. We love, respect, and thank our community for every dollar and drop of sweat you put in, onstage and off. This space is for you.

Thank you for all of your continued support and Happy Holidays!

Latest Update

On Saturday, a group of extraordinary volunteers helped move the Sea Tea Studios from Pratt Street to Asylum Street. In the past three weeks, 80 folks have collectively raised $8,735 to support the fixes and furnishings of the new space. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed their time, skills, and money to help make this space welcoming, useful, and beautiful. Due to the snow, the opening party was postponed to this Sunday, December 8th. We hope to see you there. If you have not yet made a gift, it's not too late. You can make a gift anytime between now and December 31st. Remember, make a gift of $100 or more and get a free Sea Tea beanie! For more details about the studio opening party, check out the Facebook event:

Posted by Sea Tea

December 5 at 9:13pm

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Our community is extraordinary! After just 11 days, we're only $332.50 away from hitting the half-way point to our goal. Your gifts of support are already making a difference. Work is happening at the studios! Walls are being patched, sanded, and washed. Appliances and furniture are being ordered. Paint is being mixed and tested. This Saturday, 11/30, we hope you'll stop by and help us make the big move and then join us again on Sunday, 12/1, for the Open House. For more details, check out the Facebook events: Saturday, November 30: Sunday, December 1: There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are so grateful to everyone who is helping making it happen! Thank you!

Posted by Sea Tea

November 26 at 5:08pm

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Fill-In: General Contributions

The best gift of all: give us the chance to fill in what's most needed.


100 left

Shhh! Soundproofing

A unified space with back-to-back rooms provides many benefits, but it can create sound challenges. Help Sea Tea prevent sound bleeding and echoes by contributing to panels, paints, & other solutions.


23 left

Have a Seat! Classroom chairs

Our old chairs have taken a serious beating (so many scenes about restaurants and therapy!). Help us upgrade all six of our new classrooms to unified, comfortable chairs. Each $40 gets 2 chairs.


41 left

Build the World! Stage Chairs

Classic improv chairs that will double as extras for theater shows. They're expensive, because they can be anything!



Scene Painting: A Gallon of Paint

We want our new space to feel like home, not like some corporate office. You'll add some life to the place.


20 left

Create Community! Lounge Furniture

Our new studios have an awesome open space for us to spend time together before and after events. Help us make it comfy and warm, a place you never want to leave. Meet your best friends here.


14 left

Hell Yeah: Register, iPad & Square Stand

Imagine if you could register for classes, book a studio rental, and buy a shirt in 5 minutes. Help us set up to make life easier for everyone!


7 left

Snack Stock-Up

Chips, candy, sodas... help us stock it all for the season. Old studios were always running short-- no longer!


21 left

Recycling Bins for Classrooms

We love the earth. Help us make it easy for our guests to recycle.



Light It Up: Standing Lamps

Illuminate the lounge with a contribution of a floor lamp.



Sketch it out! Whiteboards for Classrooms

Did you love writing on the board in grade school? Okay Mx. Amazing Handwriting--we get it! This gift is for you. Help us provide whiteboards for our all of our studio spaces.



The Fridge You Deserve

Always thirsty? Help us provide cold drinks for our studio goers by making a gift to support the purchase of a larger, more up to date refrigerator-- and one for the new back party room, too!



Up to Date: Smart TV & Rasberry Pi

Game changer: we can watch sketches and shows, advertise upcoming events, and kick back with NBA Jam. You name it!



Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe: Fire & Safety

Give the gift of peace of mind. Help keep Sea Tea Studios safe by providing a first aid kit or fire extinguisher.



Teacher’s Pet! Whiteboard markers & erasers

Don't worry about apples--they're out of season! Help Sea Tea provide markers and erasers for each studio space instead!



Make Less Waves: A Water Cooler Dispenser

Help Sea Tea be environmentally friendly in our studios by providing a water cooler which will help eliminate large amounts of single-use plastic waste. Improv has a small carbon footprint!



Gender-Inclusive Bathroom Signs

Help us make our bathroom spaces open and affirming for all people by replacing the gendered bathroom signs to an inclusive alternative. (Might be dinos, or something else!)



82 Supporters

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  • Gregory D Ludovici1 day ago
  • Aaron L Schwartz2 days ago This is wonderful step in Sea Tea Having Theater and Classes in one 'geographic location'
  • Jack Levine3 days ago Best wishes.
  • Megan Corning4 days ago Yay!
  • Allison Kazlauskas4 days ago
  • Anonymous4 days ago
  • Wry BrEd4 days ago Best wishes on the new space! Onward and upward!
  • Steve Bishop4 days ago Congratulations Sea Tea! And rest assured, I will be taking the stairs to get to the new studios just as I did the old studios on Pratt Street #CommitToTheBit. Look forward to seeing the new digs!
  • Phil Shreck4 days ago This helps me achieve wokeness.
  • Ike & MaryAnn Manasewich4 days ago Best wishes.
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