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Walk for Green Jobs and Justice

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A project fund forEarth Quaker Action Team

$4,359 given of $10,000 goal

Walk for Green Jobs and Justice

Started by: Carly Frintner


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Welcome to Earth Quaker Action Team's Walk for Green Jobs and Justice Gift Registry! Before you donate, please at least read the "PLEASE NOTE" section below.

Now through May 22, EQAT is walking 100 miles across 5 counties in PECO's service territory to ramp up our Power Local Green Jobs Campaign--and we still have costs to cover for the Walk and our campaign!

Walking is a tried and true way for activists to carry a vision and link people across communities. The Power Local Green Jobs campaign is walking 100 miles through PECO’s service territory to show the utility the way to a clean energy future with good paying jobs for those who need them most. It’s the next step in our campaign to press the electric company to massively increase their investment in local solar power.

Your donations to this Registry will be directed to EQAT's general fund and distributed as needed to help us cover the costs of the Walk and the Campaign going forward.

PLEASE NOTE: When you get to the Contribute page, you will see a line that automatically fills in a donation to Save the Children. This is NOT something we have control over on the donation page. EQAT is NOT affiliated with Save the Children in any way. (Although we like children, of course, and you are welcome to donate to them if you wish.) To REMOVE this line from your donation, simply click Edit on that line, choose $0, and then click Done.

Sign up at to join us along the route (6-10 miles per day), or for the grand finale on May 22. Bring some friends or your family, and make a day out of it!

We hope you'll have fun perusing our donation options here and finding exciting ways to support our Walkers and the Power Local Green Jobs Campaign.

We also still gratefully accept donations year-round at

On behalf of all the Walkers and all of us at EQAT, thank you!

Latest Update

We made it! Yesterday, the Walk for Green Jobs and Justice ended with hundreds gathering in the rain at City Hall and walking to PECO's headquarters, voices raised, sunflower props, banners, flags, and signs waving. This all was in large part thanks to you, our 65 supporters who helped raise over $3500 for our Walk and the Power Local Green Jobs Campaign through this Gift Registry! We also raised an additional $2000 in donations in person all along the Walk route. Other gifts supporting the Walk have been pouring in by mail from contributors across our networks. We are still crunching the numbers, but altogether, we believe we raised at least $6500. The Walk Gift Registry will be up for 29 more days, and donations can of course also always be made at We would still love to reach our goal of $10,000! Thank you again for your generous support that helped make this Walk a huge success. And keep an eye out for press covering the Walk--there's a lot of it!

Posted by Carly

May 23 at 1:34pm

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Hello all! I've been out with our Walkers the past 3 days and am finally getting a chance to update you again: On Tuesday, we reached our $2500 milestone. THANK YOU! We're 1/4 of the way to our $10,000 goal, so please keep spreading the word about our campaign! We have talked with dozens of community members over about 30 miles of walking so far, and all of them are full of enthusiasm and hope for our efforts to push PECO to source local solar and create new jobs. Many have said they will join us for the final mile on May 22. Will you? Sign up on our website or our facebook page today, and bring your friends! This photo was taken yesterday as we walked from Chester to Media, a total of about 7 miles. The day started in Chester's Arts and Cultural District and culminated in brilliant street theater by our volunteers as Media residents and our friends at Solarize Media cheered us on. Our third evening presentation and a potluck supper followed at Providence Friends Meeting. Yum!

Posted by Carly

May 11 at 9:31am

First Last (Not First? Sign Out)

Kiyo Moriuchi — 1 week ago

Carly, Thanks for your work! Our contribution in honor of Greg Lippincott.

Friends, after an 8 AM start at Morris Chapel in North Philadelphia, and stops at the PECO substation that caught fire in March on Westmoreland Ave. and Parkside CDC which is living the green future with its solar projects, our first day of the Walk for Green Jobs and Justice is complete! 13 more to go! Just about an hour ago, the Walk reached the Darby Free Library, our final stop for the day. This photo was taken as the Walkers entered Yeadon. We are grateful, humbled, and emboldened by the support and blessings we have received from all of you, and from Philadelphia clergy, organizations, and residents throughout the day. Stay tuned to social media for updates, including and #greenjobswalk. And please help us spread the word about what we're doing so our campaign can grow, and so we can reach our next milestone of $2500! Thanks to you, we're almost there!

Posted by Carly

May 8 at 3:36pm

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Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our Walk Gift Registry so far. Through your generosity, WE JUST REACHED $1000! Let's keep it going! Share with your friends:

Posted by Carly

April 24 at 8:01am

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Is "" too long a web address for your social media purposes? Share our Registry with your networks using Thanks!

Posted by Carly

April 17 at 9:13am

First Last (Not First? Sign Out)

Bill Henderson — 4 weeks ago

I appreciate your passion for humanity and the environment and am glad to support you, George Lakey!

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Bursts of Support from Beginning to End

Send us off on May 8 with your support, welcome us back May 22 with your congratulations, or contribute any day in between when you want to give our Walkers an extra boost.


38 left

Blister Fix Packs

Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, moleskin, gauze. Blisters are a fact of walking long distances. Whether someone joins us for 5 miles or the full 100, some healing of tired feet will be needed!


16 left

Public Transportation Package

Folks will be joining us from all over the region for parts of the Walk, and for actions. Help them get to us by public transit! $12 buys a round trip regional rail ticket, or about 4 tokens.


31 left

Lunch and a Snack for 3 Walkers

Walking up to 10 miles a day requires good nutrients. Help keep us nourished and energized for the day!


37 left

Printed Small Flags for 10 Walkers

Bandana-sized stenciled flags pinned to shirts and backpacks will present a unified image and make our message clear as we walk, helping us stick together, and drawing attention to our campaign.


48 left

Fuel for Support Vehicle and Carpools

We will have a support vehicle throughout the Walk helping carry supplies and picking up tired Walkers, and shuttling participants as needed. Help out with a tank of gas!


14 left

Art Supplies

At our actions along the Walk, we want beautiful signs to draw attention to our Campaign! Help our Art Team work its magic with paint, brushes, tape, glue, and more.


1 left

Overnight Accommodations for 2 Walkers

For folks walking 2 or more days, we may have a few places along the Walk where we need to reserve a hotel room or other overnight accommodations. A long day's walk needs a good night's rest!


3 left

Printing Costs

Flyers, posters, and more. Printed publicity will help us share information to bring people to the Walk, and spread the word about our Campaign throughout the 5 counties we're walking through.


3 left

$100 for 100 Miles

Donate a dollar per mile for Green Jobs and Justice!


1 left

Support Van

We'll need a support vehicle to carry supplies and give tired walkers a break over the 2 weeks of the Walk. $150 would cover 2 days of a vehicle rental.


3 left

Mobile Hotspot

We have a new need for the Walk! In order for us to be able to keep attention on our campaign as the Walk progresses, our social media and press team needs to connect to the internet throughout.


1 left

Sound System and Other Large Event Needs

Our biggest actions will take place the first and last day of the Walk as arge crowds gather to hear speakers support the Campaign, and to address bio needs. Help us set up stages and port-a-pottys.



Fund a Major Action Day

Our first and last days of the Walk will involve large numbers of people, speakers, lunch, and more. Media will be on hand to capture the scene. Help it happen smoothly and beautifully.


2 left

66 Supporters

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  • Anonymous16 hours ago
  • Exact Solar2 days ago Best wishes. Looking forward to helping you end strong tomorrow! Rain can't stop us!
  • Edna G. Whittier3 days ago
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  • Jean Y. Matlack3 days ago Thank you for every step you take.
  • Eleanor A Dill4 days ago THANK YOU
  • Joseph J. Marchesani4 days ago Best wishes.
  • Lori Poinsett1 week ago Enjoy the lunches on your valiant and inspiring journey. Best Wishes
  • Joan Nikelsky1 week ago Thanks for your dedication. Best wishes and take it easy.
  • Anonymous1 week ago
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