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BBCAN4 Finale Interviews Live!

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A project fund forYour Reality Recaps

BBCAN4 Finale Interviews Live!

Started by: Eric C.


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Eric had a medical emergency today while at the airport.

Please do not make any more donations. We will figure out what we are Gina do tomorrow. We love you all.

***UPDATED 5/8/16***

Everyone who makes a donation between now and 5/14 are entered to win:

1. A week of BlueApron Meals

2. An autographed item from the house by the entire cast!

3. Plus 3 other signed items for BBUS & BBCAN players!

4. Anybody who donates $50 or above will be added to the patreon group for the rest of 2016.

5. There will also be a few other surprise givesaways to the top supporters.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! We are going to Canada! We are not able to live stream the backyard interviews. But we will post them right after we are done! We can still ask them your questions though! Just got to to ask your questions *BEFORE* midnight on Thursday May 12th!

We have never asked for help in covering these events in the past, but we can't afford to do it on our own anymore. This isn't something you NEED to donate to. It's an opportunity that we have, which we'd love to be able to bring to you. If it's something you want us do, then we'd love your support.

THE AMOUNT: I based this on what it cost us last year to cover it. It very well may be less money. If that is the case, any left over money will go towards "Heart Of Reality" this summer.

WHAT WE ARE USING THE MONEY FOR: Plane tickets, hotel, rental car... and maybe some 99 cents menu.

WHAT YOU ARE GETTING: Tons of live and produced shows from Canada all week long! Visit our website: for up to the minute details on show times and live streams!

AS A SPECIAL THANK YOU: We will ask one question from everyone who donates live. We will also get everyone in the cast to sign an item from the house to be raffled off to one of you. Everyone who donates will get 1 entry per $10.00 spent in donations. So a $50 donation is 5 entries. I am doing this ONLY as a way to thank yous for your donation.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Share this on social media! And not just this, but all our shows and content. Like, favorite and/or retweet/share our posts. Getting out content in front of as many people as possible helps greatly and cost nothing!

Make sure you are also following us on all social media sites:

Shop On Amazon? Then start your shopping with our link. You pay no more and we get 1%:

Rate & Review Us On iTunes:

The ***BEST THING** you can do is to become a Patreon. You get exclusive access and swag. Plus if we get enough Patreons we won't need to do these fundraisers anymore. Info here:



1. What If We Don't Raise The Money?

Then a new "PlumFund" will be created with the money raised so far. It will be used to get us to the next reality event we can live stream for you. Most likely the "Hearts Of Reality" this summer.

2. What If You Don't Need All The Money?

It will be rolled over to the next reality event we have the opportunity to live stream for you.

3. What If We Can't Watch Live?

Like all of our live streams, there will be an HD version posted when we arrive home. Usually within a week of the event. You can watch this back as many times as you want in full HD audio and video!

4. Any Foreseeable Problems?

Glad You Asked! Yes! There is ALWAYS a chance we WON'T be able to live stream the backyard interviews for any number of unforeseen technical issues. If that is the case we will have the HD interviews "taped live" video that will be posted ASAP. We will still be able to take questions live, and will have all of your questions ahead of time too. This only pertains to the backyard interviews. Everything else we are doing (tweeting pics, younows from Canada, bringing you exclusive access) wont be affected.

Latest Update

Hi All 3 Things! 1. THANK YOU! WE DID IT! I sent you all an email. 2. There is NO NEED to donate anymore. We made the goal, and are going to Canada! (See #1). However I have raised the amount we are raising to $3000.00 because apparently donations can be canceled. Any extra money we raise now will go towards the BB18 NYC Premiere Party. Don't worry, we are not raising money for that... or hopefully anything else again ever. Again, we made the goal (THANK YOU)! So we are going! I just raised the limit to cover any unforeseen circumstances. 3. We will let the winners of the various giveaways know who they are when we return (the week of the 16th). And you can start submitting your questions for the houseguests on finale night here:

Posted by Eric

May 2 at 1:56pm

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Posted by Eric

May 2 at 1:28pm

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We are getting closer! Thank you everyone! We have 10 days left! I added the money I got from YouNow today. So that gave us a boost. LOVES YOU ALL!

Posted by Eric

April 7 at 1:22pm

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  • Anonymous8 years ago
  • Peggy Breen8 years ago
  • MomofTwins8 years ago Thank you for all you do! Have a great time in Canada!
  • Ami E Bade8 years ago This is to help pay for Dana's new dress because she deserves to feel beautiful!! XOXO
  • Lori A Rotti8 years ago Hope you and Dana have an amazing time...Can't wait to watch 💜
  • Holly s bercik8 years ago Have a blast in Canada. In so glad to be a part of it by helping you get there. Give my regards to Tim!
  • Della R Gordon8 years ago Just a little more to help your trip to my beautiful homeland. Can hardly wait... Love Della G.
  • brianne s8 years ago Wish I could do more, have fun!!! Say hi to Tim for me, give him smooches! LOL.
  • MzWendyL8 years ago Enjoy your time in Canada, Eric! Looking forward to the live shows. Hope this helps you and Dana to have a nice meal but not one from the $ menu ;-)
  • Laurie Bishop (Laurpez)8 years ago Glad you got your passport today. Looking forward to the broadcast. Have fun.
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