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City of Light, a new musical

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A project fund forCity of Light, the musical


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Our musical, "City of Light," has been selected for SheNYC's Festival this summer. We have been given this amazing opportunity to present 3 full productions at the Connelly Theatre in Manhattan’s East Village on July 8, 11 & 14. But it will cost a lot of money to do it right!

This is where you come in... It is hard to ask for money, but the truth is we need some help. If you feel so inclined, if you are a person with a passion project yourself and you know the challenges that come with staying the course, we ask that you partner with us. A financial gift of any amount will help us with our production expenses. We are assembling an amazing team, casting fantastically talented actors as we speak, have the Tony award-winning Cady Huffman directing, and are preparing to launch an aggressive marketing campaign as well.

We believe City of Light is ready for the New York theater scene, and we want to get it in front of potential producers, and investors. With your help we can do this. If you got all the way to the end of this message then we are already grateful to you. Thank you for your support in whatever form it takes, (no matter how small or large), and for being a fan and a champion of "City of Light."

Merci Beaucoup!!!

With our sincerest gratitude,

Gabi, Jan and Julie

PS. Please visit our site to learn more about our show and for specifics about the Festival.

Latest Update

Dear City of Light family, friends, fans, supporters. We have exciting news! This week we are in New York City recording the show with our wonderful cast, so that those of you who couldn't join us in NYC will finally get to hear all of the music. Stay tuned... we'll let you know when its up on our website so you can enjoy what you helped us achieve. Love, Gabi, Jan and Julie

Posted by City of Light Musical, LLC

August 9 at 7:40pm

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Bonjour!! This playful photo was posted by our lovely Courcelles family in the show! Valarie Pettiford as Madame Courcelles, Keri Safran as Juliette, and Jack Cotterell as Olivier. They and the entire cast and creative team are doing fantastically!!!! It's a dream come true watching this all come together. Today, we had a photo shoot and interviews and we are working very hard at getting producers and investors to our shows!! Thank you for all your donations. As it is we are already over budget and people are still donating which is amazing!!! Double and triple thank yous (and espressos) all around!! Sincerely, Team City of Light (Gabi, Jan, Julie, Cady, Lorna, Anessa, Joel, Margaux and the entire cast)

Posted by City of Light Musical, LLC

June 29 at 11:00am

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Hello City of Light Supporters! I am happy to announce our FANTASTIC cast for City of Light, the Musical! Kimberly Immanuel as MOLLY (pictured left) Keri Safran as JULIETTE (pictured right) Valarie Pettiford as MADAME COURCELLES Jack Cotterell as OLIVIER Anthony Norman as PHILIPPE Darren Bunch as PATRICK Rakel Aroyo as KEELY Katy Wilson as LAURA Zach Schanne as BACC GUY Come join us this July and escape to Paris for an evening! Tickets are ON SALE! Saturday July 8 at 5:30pm Friday July 14 at 8:30pm and click BUY TICKETS Or go straight to Only 99 seats per show. (but If we sell out first, we get another show! ) So if you wanna come, don't wait!!!

Posted by City of Light Musical, LLC

June 5 at 1:03pm

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Hi City of Light friends, family and supporters! This is update #1 on our production and our campaign. (We promise not to overload you with updates and you can always opt out if you prefer.) First bit of news is we have an updated LOGO -- see attached! (Thanks to Steve Troop for that!) Secondly, in addition to the amazing, with Tony award winning Cady Huffman directing, we have on board: Lorna Ventura (Wicked) choreographing, and Emily Marshall (We Will Rock You) music directing and Joel Rosen (Avenue Q) Stage Managing. And lastly, if you happen to find yourself in NYC in July, we would LOVE it if you could come see the show! Our dates are July 8th, 2017 at 5:30pm and July 14th at 8:30pm. (We hope/think there will be a 3rd performance but not until the first 2 sell out.) So buy your tix as soon as they go on sale June 1st. (at Thanks again for supporting us and we'll keep you posted on production status/progress!!! Sincerely, Team COL Gabi, Jan, Julie

Posted by City of Light Musical, LLC

May 14 at 8:07am

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the Croissant Level

Breakfast! (like every day)


25 left

the Espresso Level (or make it a double!)

A staple... more more more s'il vous plait!


24 left

the Brie and Camembert Level

Why is smelly cheese so yummy?


5 left

the Bordeaux Level

Molly and Juliette toast with it!


2 left

the Champagne Level

To celebrate la Fete de Lumas! A la Francaise!


1 left

Passport Level

Molly has had one since she was little for this very trip to Paris.


6 left

Burgundy Winery Level

This has nothing to do with the show but don't you wish it did?


2 left

French Countryside Level

Molly and Juliette go there in City of Light the sequel!!


1 left

French Riveria Level

Where Madame Courcelles will be sunning herself if she can ever retire.


1 left

the Eiffel Tower Level

Help Molly get to the top.


1 left

179 Supporters

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  • Tim and Taryn O'Neil9 weeks ago Way to go Julie and team!
  • Monete Chew11 weeks ago
  • Deborah Oberto12 weeks ago Wish I could be there to see it! All the best! Love you, Jan! So happy for you!
  • Letty Jo Randell12 weeks ago Jan - you're so incredibly talented - you're the best! Wish I was in N.Y. to see City of Light. Best wishes.
  • Jennifer Losi12 weeks ago I am behind the times (how Laura of me) on this news. Félicitations! Je savais que vous pouviez le faire! I am so proud of you ladies and cannot wait to meet the new version of City of Light! All the best in NYC!
  • Judith Bennett12 weeks ago Best wishes to you Julie and your colleagues 💜Judy
  • Simon Huber12 weeks ago Good luck with everything :) Simon
  • Jillian Easton12 weeks ago So much luck!!!!! I'm so proud of you three!!!
  • Beth and Angie at Coast Music12 weeks ago Best wishes Jan!! Love from your Coast Music Family
  • Anonymous12 weeks ago
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