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Wishing for Baby Longley

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A plumfund forLissa and Jacob Longley

Wishing for Baby Longley

Started by: Lissa Longley


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Hi Everyone! First off I want to thank you for clicking on our link and taking the time to read our story. Whether you know us or not it means the world to know you care!

"We are ready to have a family!"-August of 2012, over 4 years ago. Deciding in this moment that it was our time for such a big decision of our lives together felt so exciting and riveting to begin this journey!

We had no pre-existing issues or concerns we thought we had to be aware of so we didn't feel the need to seek a medical "Okay" to begin. We tried month after month after month after month. 6-7 months felt like a long time in the beginning, "Why isn't this happening? Seems many people are pregnant!" Still no luck month 8, 9, 10, 11, 12......Something is up, let's ask my OBGYN if he recommends seeing a fertility specialist and he did, so we scheduled a consultation.

November 5th, 2013 (also Jakes birthday!!), the doctor said, "Let's get blood work and run some tests to see what we are looking at for you before we begin." ---I got the call "You're Pregnant!" I was completely thrown off, flabbergasted, & THRILLED!!! Long story short, that pregnancy only lasted 10 days for us & ended in a chemical pregnancy; I had a miscarriage. This experience was one of the worst times I had ever gone through. We had a horrible experience at the clinic we went to & overall it was a very traumatic, lonely, dark time for me. (Took us 13 months to conceive baby #1)

We took some time to heal our minds & my body. As soon as we were given the go to try again we did. 4 months passed, 5,6,7 months still no luck 8, 9, month 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 15 months still nothing....we finally decided it was time to seek another specialist that would fit our needs. We met with a wonderful doctor in NJ. He was very educational, ran more extensive testing on Jake & myself, with no conclusion. "I can't find anything wrong with either one of you." Now this may seem like great news and it is, but when you go years with no luck of conceiving again, you want answers & some sort of explanation why this isn't happening. We decided we were going to think about what we wanted to do for treatment to increase our chances of pregnancy & regroup with the doctor.

It was a Saturday afternoon & I was a day late for my period. I decided to take a pregnancy test before we went out to dinner with friends. It was POSITIVE! One of the best moments of my life again, but also so scary knowing what happened the first time. We were beaming with excitement and joy & it was hard to contain so we decided we wanted to stay quiet for a while, be hopeful, but also careful. I was pregnant this time around for 10 weeks. I went to my first ultrasound check & there was no heartbeat. Just as I thought, I couldn't feel any worse from the first miscarriage, the world came crashing down before my eyes & my biggest nightmare came true. My dream of a family & being a mother has been ripped away from me within an instant. My heart was in pieces; my husband and I were devastated beyond words. This miscarriage was a longer journey & ended with a surgical D & C on April 14th, 2014.

(Took 16 months to conceive baby #2)

I needed more time for my body and my mind to heal. To bring this in to present day, we moved onto a 3rd fertility specialist in June of 2014, where we currently are in the middle of treatments & happy with the office/staff. They have done multiple tests & finally found out the root of the problem, Endometriosis. The doctor didn't know how severe & wouldn't know unless she did surgery that she highly recommended. We took a few months to take another break & decide what to do. I ended up scheduling the surgery to remove the endometriosis in January of 2016. Surgery was a success but we found out that my condition was really severe & was told the endometriosis will probably come back. I allowed MORE time for my body to heal and we still had no success in 6 months.

We made the decision we can not give up without trying fertility treatments; so we started our first treatment in May of 2016. We did multiple rounds of clomid, IUI's, femera & now 3 IVF (InVitroFertilization) treatments over the last 10 months from Feb 2017-present, in which 2 cycles ended in miscarriages again. We are not sure when and if this journey will deliver our miracle baby, but we are not giving up yet.

Please note, this is NOT a fundraiser, we are NOT asking for donations, this is simply a Gift-Giving opportunity for anyone who wants or chooses to gift us with your blessings. We buy what we want and do no not NEED gifts. In lieu of gifts this holiday season we ask to gift the amount you were to spend anyways towards what we really want...our miracle rainbow baby!

We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our dream: becoming parents and building a family! OXOX

--The Longleys

Latest Update

Jake and I are so blessed with all of you who have reached out with your messages, prayers, and generous gifts this Holiday Season!! We want you know know that every alert & message we receive brings us tears of joy and hope! We are currently in the process of meeting with our Specialist and Financial Dept at RMA of PA to set up treatment come the new year. With such a hardship continuing for 5 years, we feel very lucky to have so much support and love surrounding us! <3 Merry Christmas and Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! <3

Posted by Lissa

December 19 at 8:46am

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Just a quick hello! We are feeling an abundance of love and gratitude for everyone who has reached out with your beautiful messages and prayers! I don't think we could ever express how thankful we are for all those who sent gifts our way so far. For the first time in our journey, it finally feels real and that IVF is something we can look forward to. So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the gift of hope towards our dream of becoming parents! Love, Lissa and Jake

Posted by Lissa

November 27 at 2:04pm

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  • Anonymous43 weeks ago
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  • Anonymous51 weeks ago
  • Anonymous1 year ago
  • Chad Hawke1 year ago Hope this helps your wishes come true , love you both !
  • Adriana Nikles1 year ago Praying for Baby Lonegly!!!! Love both of you❤
  • Emily Russian1 year ago Wishing you the absolute best of luck! Prayers, prayers, prayers, Lissa!
  • Anonymous1 year ago
  • Merrit Shuler1 year ago Sweetest friends - I wish you love, happiness and your dream come true this year. Hugs and much, much love.
  • Jolene April Ava & Family1 year ago Here's to a new year of possibilities for you & Jake & your dream💕
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