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Help for Jess

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A medical fund forJessica Marie Dicks

$58,431 given of $150,000 goal

Help for Jess

Started by: Monty Major for Jessica Dicks


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Jess had a tree fall on her while camping as she was saving her children.

On Sunday, July 3, 2016 while camping at an Alberta provincial campground, Jessica Dicks, a 27 year old mother of 3 was involved in a horrific accident when the wind picked up around noon and a tree snapped off about 8 feet up and fell onto her. Jess rushed over to their tent after she heard the crack and seeing that the tree was falling towards the tent where there were 4 small girls ages ranging from 9 months to 7 years inside playing. With the location and angle that the tree ended up, and where she was, it is apparent that Jess deflected the tree from hitting the tent, most likely saving the girls lives as they were on the bed inside directly adjacent to where the tree ended up on her.

Her brother Douglas was camping with them; Doug removed the tree off her and called first responders where she was rushed to Edmonton. The large tree landing on her resulted in a severe spinal injury to her T5 vertebrae, fractures in the C spine sections of vertebrae, a broken sternum, a collapsed lung, several broken ribs as well as a cut to the back of her neck which required 20 staples to close.

Since the incident, Jess has been receiving care in the intensive care neurology ward at the University of Alberta Hospital. It took 11 days for the doctors and nurses to stabilize her enough to allow neurosurgeons to perform surgery which entailed installing rods and screws to support the T5 vertebrae and help alleviate the pain. She had her surgery on Thursday, July 14, 2016. Her respiratory issues as well as fractures to the C spine vertebrae remain a concern. At the time of writing this release, it is too early to tell how successful the surgery went to helping repair the damage, or if Jess will ever regain feeling in her lower body.

There is a very long and difficult emotional, physical and financial road ahead for this young family of 5 and our hero. They have the support of their immediate and extended family but we know that she can use all the positive energy and prayers from everyone if she has even the slightest chance of a normal life.

There has been a support Facebook page, a dedicated email address and a page set up at for anyone wishing to donate to the cause. With the exception of the small percentage that Plumfund retains to administer the crowd funding web page, all funds collected will go directly to the young family to assist with all the things they will need in the coming weeks, months and years.


Facbook page: Help For Jess@helpjessicamariedicks

Latest Update

This second update was necessary due to update size limitations. The picture provided is from 2 days ago (Aug 17) as she wheeled herself down the hall to head outside (she made it all the way to the elevator by herself). The outpouring of prayers and positive thoughts has been simply amazing for our young hero, not only from Canadians but also from around the world. The warm wishes, stories of courage and faith has been having a healing effect for Jess. The generosity and positive energy of everyone has been exceptional. We've nearly reached our initial goal that was set, and based on continued donations I would expect that we will meet and exceed it. In life it is positive to set achievable goals, achieve them, then set new goals. Jessica has said that one of her goals was to build a home by the Athabasca river on the family farm. To this end, and expecting to reach the current monetary goal, we've decided to change the goal to a momentous one (her house by the water). Monty

Posted by Monty Major for Jessica

August 19 at 4:10pm

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Jose Diaz — 1 year ago

Hello I am an online marketer and work with Western union and netspend at the moment we are contributing globally through our refer a friend program where for simply sign up for a WUNETSPENDPREPAIDCARD you will get $20 and for every single person who you sign up you will also get $20 for over and over if interested you and every one ☝️ can sign up through this referral code and link and receive $20 we know it is not much but it adds up you friends and family can sign up online through here at no cost to anyone completely free God bless you.

Linda Dicks-Handsley — 1 year ago

Jessica we are so glad we got to travel to Edmonton to visit you and to see how far you have come since we got home to Sudbury is amazing stay strong we are so proud of you. Much love and prayers going your way always. Great Aunt Linda and Uncle Henry.

Crystal Cross — 1 year ago

Our Beautiful, Strong and Courageous Girl. I hope you see how many people you've touched, even all around the world and you will continue to touch peoples hearts with your strength. Love you Dad and Crystal

Julie Wiganosky — 1 year ago

Sharing your story. You are my hero.

Amy Spangler — 1 year ago

Please look into stem cell treatment for this injury. There have been many others who have had spinal cord injuries greatly improved. This treatment is not available in the United States. I have no reason /profit from this comment except I promised myself that if anything such as this ever happened to my family, I would seek this care immediately. One of the leading physicians is in India, here is a "Go Fund Me link" to one of the patients that is being served by this physician and you can research her for yourself. Her name is Dr. Geeta Shroff in New Delhi, and has published papers on this topic. Best of luck to you and your family.

Everyone, It's been 3 weeks since the last update. Since the last posting a lot of things have happened and Jess has been working very hard and has come so far. First, about her progress. As most, if not all of you have seen via the various media attention, our brave mom has made significant progress. On the last update, I shared that she had short periods of breathing on her own 3 weeks ago to now she is totally off the ventilator and has had her trach removed and is eating solid foods. Jess is also working very hard on her daily physical therapy and growing stronger every day (she just told me she was able to do 3 sets of 20 reps of 2 pounds with each of her arms). In addition to the act of heroism and courage when she saved the children on July 3rd, our girl has been very brave and strong over the last few days in granting media interviews. She continues to amaze me with her strength of character (the picture is of her eating her first solid food on August 2) . Monty

Posted by Monty Major for Jessica

August 19 at 3:15pm

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Hello everyone, just thought we'd give a quick update on how our fighter is doing. Jess has been moved out of the neurology ICU onto a different ward which is actually a high intensity care unit. The medical staff has started our girl on the necessary but difficult different therapies she needs. Thankfully Jess has had short periods of breathing on her own without the breathing machine as well as sitting up for short periods of time in addition to the physiotherapy shes starting to receive to strengthen her upper body. She has had a speaking valve in her tracheostomy and has been able to talk through that for minimal periods yesterday and today. Between being moved yesterday and additional working with the health professionals yesterday and today she is pretty drained of energy as you can imagine. Well anyway, thank you all for your continued outpouring of positive energy as well as the generous donations that has been received at

Posted by Monty Major for Jessica

July 29 at 7:35pm

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Jyoti Lakhtakia — 1 year ago

Hi Jess, We read about this accident yesterday and I could only imagine how much courage you have. You looked out for your three girls. You protected them and your were there for them when they needed you. Thats what parents do. You are a true example of one of the greatest parents. I know god maybe a little harsh right now as well as being very merciful before. But he is only testing your endurance and courage. Please pass the test because you already covered 75% of it. We pray very hard for your speedy recovery. There are many many hearts and minds thinking about you right now: we are just one of them. Lots of love, speedy recovery and good wishes to you.

Jamie Burdett — 1 year ago

hey Jessica, I went through the same type accident a year ago. I would love to talk to you about our situations. It is hard and when I was going through it I had someone reach out to me that had been through things like us. It helped me a lot to talk to them. It is hard for people to truly understand what it feels like going through something like this. From having to be helped with just about everything to even being hoisted out of bed when you want to just go get some fresh air. So if you ever need someone to talk to please know I'm hear and don't hesitate to contact me. Try to stay strong and just keep remembering at least it not the kids and you will get through this for them. Show the kids you can concur anything........

Humilus Emm — 1 year ago

I wish Jess the best. In 1996 I had a similar injury, crushed T8, cracked three ribs on each side, and couldn't breath when upright. My life for several months consisted of being in my reclined wheelchair, to learning to go from laying on my back, rolling onto my side, onto one knee, standing, taking a few steps, back down on one knee, and then laying down and breathing. The doctors had a poor prognosis for me, but I listened to my body, not them, and I recovered 100%. You can recover too Jess, just don't give up.

Alyssa Lewis — 1 year ago

I would like to be updated how she is doing Alyssa lewis

Theresa Houle — 1 year ago

This young mother witb 4 girls needs prayers & blessings. You are awesome praying for strength & peace

Rick Mowers — 1 year ago

Please put me down as a friend and send me update..thank you..Rick mowers

Debbie Beauchesne — 1 year ago

stay strong you can do anything God is with you and your family prayers are sent your way

Jamil Tejpar — 1 year ago

Jessica, you are a very brave woman. Please do not lose hope. You are still young and have a full life ahead of you. You have to be strong for your children. I pray to Allah to give you full and complete recovery. Amen. I wish I could give more.

Shannon Lewis-Simpson — 1 year ago

Heard about this heroic and selfless act today on the news. This woman probably saved the lives of her children and niece by taking the brunt of a falling tree on her back. Her family needs help to get on.

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750 Supporters

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  • Christiane Gaynor1 year ago We had so much support when our daughters wash sick. So glad I could help out a little.
  • Karen Hodges1 year ago Prayers for your full recover.
  • Larry & Lana Dakin1 year ago Best wishes Jessica Dicks and your family. We pray for your recovery because we believe in a God who heals and restores. We have friends who told us about you and instead of taking payment for the garden veggies we buy, they asked us to give you a donation. Have a very blessed Christmas, 2016.
  • Ele Pawelski1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Anonymous1 year ago
  • Lois J Johnson1 year ago Jess, You are an incredible soul, so much spunk, fight, beautiful, I pray for you everyday. So many friends, and the world are your support and fighting with you.. you have great "Spirit" My heart is with you. Lois
  • Anonymous1 year ago
  • Royal E Burke1 year ago Hello Jess, Just a reminder that it's not what happens but how we choose to react that shapes our destiny. You are a loving mom and a brave soul. Best wishes to you and your family.
  • Della Blacklock1 year ago Our prayers are with you. God bless you and your family.
  • Haley Gresham1 year ago All the best to you! Nice work saving your kids!!
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