400 thoughts on “Plumfund $500 Giveaway!”

    1. I would apply the money towards creating the WorldCrawler; a vehicle capable of taking even non-ambulatory people anywhere in the world the wish to go, from pole-to-pole, and even up to 300 meters under the sea, while freeing itself from any snags automatically. It will do all this without the use of fossil fuels.

  1. We help First Nation ( Montagnards )
    Refugees to come in Canada and make new life . We are seeking funds to relocalized all of them from thailand – Cambodia-Malaysia, they are hiding in those areas and we can reach all of them fast.

  2. I would use the money to pay on some of my many medical bills and to buy equipment to start a new profession that would fully support me. And definitely pay it forward when possible.

  3. I Would Use The $500 To Buy My Moyher A Headstone. Shes Been Gone This Year Will Be 6 Years And Still Not Got A Headstone..

  4. If I won the $500, I would spend it on back to school clothing and supplies, and the rest on household bills and groceries.

  5. I would buy something each for my three kids and then put the money away in savings for a better Travel Trailer.

  6. I would use this money to help buy supplies for my action research project for my last year of my Masters of Counselor Education program where I am trying to ease the emotional burden of first generation/low income students making their way to college for the first time.

  7. I would use some of the money for my wedding and the rest of it i would donate to the arthritis foundation.

  8. I would use the$500 towards our movi g costs. Hubby just broke his foot and I have no idea how we’ll get it done now. :-(

  9. I would give some to my sister for my soon-to-come nephew’s RESP, pay down some bills, and order myself a pizza!!!

  10. I would use the extra $500 to visit my sister who is expecting her third child in a couple months…and also to spoil my nephews a little bit while I am there :-)

  11. If i win $500, I’d buy a domain for a preschool which is operated in my area.Then I’ll create a social website for them. It would help teachers,students & parents very much as 90% of them own a smart phone/tablets. This will help them stay connected.

  12. I would put it towards some doctor’s appointments I’ve been putting off because of a lack of funds. Been having back problems since last November!

  13. Earlier this year I booked a flight with Orbitz for a trip but a family emergency force me to cancel, Orbitz does no refund… I received a credit to be used within a year, but I have no time so the money is basically gone. Very disappointing but I would use the $500 to go somewhere like NY

  14. I would use some of it for a nice meal out and maybe a movie and then put the rest of it toward paying off bills.

  15. i would save it & use it once I can afford to get another house…& move back out of my parents home! Lol Thanks so much for the chance!

  16. I would set 100$ aside for our local youth shelter, buy my parents a gift for their anniversary and the rest would most likely go into paying off my student loans.

  17. If i get $500 Giveaway,i will have a medical check,and go for sight seeing in Viet Nam because i have devoted my life for the disadvantage people for 15 years.i feel tired, i need to refresh my health,my mind for a short time.Then i will come back to my social work which is my mission.I am the president of Can tho Association of People with disabilities,in South of Viet Nam.i myself am a disabled woman.Thanks alot.

  18. At this moment, I would spend the money on bat removal services. We are not having a lot of success on our own. I need help and need it badly

  19. I would put it towards medical bills. I had brain surgery last year for Arnold-Chiari Brain Malformation and I have a ton of them. Thank you for the contest!

  20. I would use the $500 to finish clothes shopping for school (probably give them for birthday and Christmas presents) because we cant do them all at once along with school supplies. I would put $50 into my Paypal account so when I am ready to build my website, I have some funds for webhosting cost and domain name. And I would buy me a Starbucks coffee because I deserve one now and then.

  21. I would use $400 to pay for my husband and me to visit our family in Michigan for Christmas. I would use $100 towards our club’s ‘adopt-a-family’ program for Christmas. We ‘adopt’ about 100 under-privileged children from a nearby school. Each child gets $100 worth of toys and clothes. Each family gets food for a nice Christmas dinner.

  22. I would help a friend pay off her huge veterinarian bill she owes because she tried to save her beloved dog’s life.

  23. I would use these funds to help pay off my medical school debt and put it towards a mini moon before starting my third year of medical school! YAY

  24. We used Honeyfund for our wedding and Loved it! Plumfund is awesome too! Thank so much for such a great website!

  25. Holy batman, to turn my life around. Like education to get a job. . Wow, prize $500 is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the $500 to shop and eat. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

  26. I have never had a laptop and there is one on my wishlist that I would get I have wanted a laptop for years but can’t afford it so that’s what I will get

  27. My fiance’ and I just became husband and wife. Our intention is to use the $500 jackpot to pay a huge down payment on our honeymoon. We have been using honeyfund and love this as our desired wedding gift registration.

  28. $500 towards honeyfund. Could defiantly use all the help we can get since we are young and paying for the entire wedding and reception on our own.

  29. My car died more than three years ago and I had no money to buy a new-to-me one. I haven’t been able to volunteer at the animal shelter any more because I have no way to get there. I also haven’t been able to find a job nearby and so, although I receive social security, I have to do without some necessities to pay my rent and utilities. I would put the money aside to save up for a much needed vehicle so I can find a job and also do something I love to do.

  30. If I won $500 dollars I would pay off my paypal account and buy myself a nice tablet for my serious reading addiction!! Thank you for the chance at winning Plumfund!!

  31. I’m retired and can’t afford to use fixed income on new laptop. Mine is becoming more and more out of date and losing functionality. I don’t want to lose the knowledge of technology, I already had to play catch up once. Nor do l want to lose MY functionality.

  32. I would use the money to buy my family new winter clothes. Especially my daughter who is 4 && has outgrown all of her winter clothes from last year. fingers crossed that I win. :)

  33. I would use $500 on Christmas for my husband and I. We were recently homeless, and just now getting on our feet.. This would be our real first Christmas together!! <3

  34. Wow!,This would be great…,
    For me i would give half of the amount to a neighboring Children’s home (Makindu Children home) for their bills and the other half i start a poultry farming in our community, a project i have been thinking of for a couple of months. I think this is the best i can use the money.😊

  35. I would use the $500 towards Christmas and birthday gifts. I have a son as well as custody of my husbands little brother who both have birthdays in December, not to mention that is the month of Christmas as well. So that month is always difficult unfortunately.

  36. I would give 10% to charity, something about Jesus, Social Justice or Animal Welfare.
    I would use the other 90% to pay for my mom’s partial dentures.

  37. I would help my son with his first apartment. Maybe with his rent or furniture. Or I’m sure he’ll need his fridge filled with food.

  38. My kids need new coats for this winter so that would be first then I would take them somewhere special. We never get a vacation and they deserve a trip

  39. If I won, I would contribute part of the proceeds to Mentor kids of America and the remainder would go to aid in legal fees to keep custody of my only child.

  40. I will use the money to fund my new, educational venture so I can become a certified, national trainer. This program supports students and teachers in becoming highly effective learners and educators, and assists communities in their efforts of safety and positive relationships.

  41. CSEAN.org would use the money to file for the IRS nonprofit status so we can move forward to help custodial parents collect their child support that is not being enforced. The money would go a long way and reach a lot of people…who need it!

  42. I would use the money to go towards to a plane ticket for my husband to be able to travel to New Zealand where all his family lives. His parents are in their 80’s. He has not seen his family in four years. He needs to see his parents and brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews. He has one nephew that he has never seen yet. This money would mean the world to my husband, his parents and the rest of his family.
    Thanks so much!

  43. What would be done with $500?
    Use towards our historic home restoration, towards the launch on my own company, OR just put it in savings.

  44. It would be a HUGE blessing for me to win this money. I would use it to get back to college and continue my studies in nursing.

  45. My son was recently hit by a car going to work, I had to leave my job to take care of him. I would use the money for a shower in our home for him and food.


  46. nearly 2 yrs ago my Mom passed away at 82 yrs old. I injured my back/hip by lifting her just 2 days before she passed away. She was diagnosed with lung cancer only 6 days before she died. Her prayer was for my dream to come true, having both my Homemade Lemon Curd and Corn Cob Jelly to be sold Nationwide. I would use this $500 Blessing to get my cottage food license and begin selling at local Farmers Markets. Due to my injury, I will never be able to work a regular job. Owning my own business would enable me to help my Amazing Husband provide for our family while doing what I enjoy and can do by Canning these generational recipes! It would truly be a Blessing and fulfillment of my Mom’s prayers to get this going and I know she would be( and is) Very proud.
    Thank you!:-)

  47. My husband and I got married at the courthouse with no family and friends aware of it. We have never been on a vacation together and if we won we would start a vacation fund.

  48. Me and my family would greatly appreciate winning this gift card! We would be able to get nice things that the kids want for Christmas, and maybe a few nice things for the adults too!! We need to win this gift card!!!!!

  49. shoes.my daughter and i really need a new pair of shoes.i would use some for household things such as laundry ,cleaning products (stock up )oh yes and i could use some new towels.

  50. I would use the money towards my wedding in September 2016. With working full-time and going to school full-time funds are low, and parents will not be of much help. I am looking to save and get as much money that I can to put towards our special day.

  51. I would take out my parents (and in-laws) to thank them for helping us so much with our upcoming wedding…. they’ve contributed so much but we have no substantial way to pay them back for all the support.

  52. I would use the 500 dollars to buy a burial plot for my husbands ashes. Tomorrow, Sept. 19 will mark his one year anniversary of leaving my side and this earth. I live on a fixed income and do not have extra money. I have his ashes in an urn and have made him a marker out of cedar wood burning his vital statistics on it. With a pic of a mustang dead center..he loved his mustang was a mustang addict..the 500 dollars would pay off the plot where we will one day be together. I’m depressed because I have had two surgeries this year and any extra *ha* money went for that and doctors. I really need to get some closure and my husband off the shelf . Really need to win this money. Thanks.

  53. Christmas is so close and I can never afford to get my loved ones what they would actually love!!! Not to mention, my mom’s birthday is soon and I want to get her the gift of a lifetime! Because my mom dedicated her life to raising me into a good person (I used to be such a brat and treated her badly), I want to buy her a Michael Kors purse (I know she loves them) that will hold all her necessities, cause her small, cheaper purses won’t hold up anymore and she can never fit what she needs. I want to make her happy since she really deserves to be after all the stress she’s been through. She works two jobs since my dad only gets commission and my sister and I are in college while my brother is out of college but still at home, so I want to make her happy! I love her!

  54. I

    If I won, I’d lose 3 days from shock. I’ve never WON anything. I’ve worked for every dime. In too much debt for it to help me so, i’d pay it forward.

  55. I would love to get some car repairs done, pay off a little debt, and take care of some pet health needs. So many people have so many needs… Wish we could all win! Peace, people.

  56. Hi, Such a generous gift:) Lots of needs. I am unemployed with a hidden disability & have many debts and afraid of repossession. I would have the damp in my daughters & my room fixed as causing her chest problems. Really awful & need to prioritise.
    Good luck deciding who should win. Difficult decision.

  57. Great contest and thank you so much for the chance to be entered in this giveaway ! , if i got the chance to win i would put the money towards some clothes for myself and i would buy my kids some toys and put the remainder on bills.

  58. I would use it to start my small business to support my family my fiance and I have had a very ruff light but we have found a way to make a good life for are kids so they don’t have to go threw what we have had to we just need a little help

  59. I could use this money to fix my heart, I know the odds are way ageist me. But I had to try. I’m disabled I’m a paraplegic and in a wheel chair. I’m a full fledge gimp and a bum in the sun having fun. But we have to make fun of this are IRAQ wins and they are not going to. We are stronger smarter and a hole lot better looking.

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