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American Pride Rally JUNE 8 in DC

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A project fund forAmerican Pride Rally June 8th

$0 given of $5,000 goal

American Pride Rally JUNE 8 in DC

Started by: Peter Boykin


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American Pride Rally: It’s Time to #TakeBackPride


June 8, 2019 Noon – Until


Lafayette Square (Outside the Whitehouse), Washington, D.C.


This is an event for Unity. In Washington DC June 8, it is also Pride Weekend. Sadly, Identity Politics, when used in a bad way, can take something positive and turn it into something partisan that does not always serve the greater purpose. We believe that the #LGBTQ & #Gay Pride no longer needs to be associated with the Extremism that the party of the left has guided the Gay Community too. It’s time we #TakeBackPride and #ComeOutForAmerica it’s time for the LGBT to EXIT #LGBTexit This event would like to #TakeBackPride and state that being a part of the Gay Community does NOT automatically place you in a particular political party and our purpose is we want people to realize that. Therefore, we have started the #LGBTexit Campaign, to help the community recognize and work together with others for equality without being held to extremist views that do more to hinder us than help us.

#WalkAway #Jexodus #BLEXIT #LGBTExit and more and more are realizing, it is the extremism of the LEFT that is keeping #America from being its strongest, its safest, and its best. We are all starting to WAKE UP and realize that a more Moderate, Independent minded viewpoint serves in our best interest and WE are becoming the Voice of the Nation! Together We are Making America Great Always TOGETHER.

Goals from this Rally will be as follows:

Its intention is to #ComeOutForAmerica & #TakeBackPride

Pride Month is important to many LGBT citizens but even more to right-leaning ones.

The importance of having a President no matter which side of the political fence they are on to identify this month is important. Pride is NOT about the sex part of the sexuality, it’s about how our AMERICA is an evolved country that can have true freedom where LGBT individuals and Straight individuals can work and live together without fear of persecution or being killed because of who we are.

This event is all about shattering the Main Stream Media/Individuals incorrect view of what Pride is about. It is NOT about debauchery and leftist extremism. Pride is about Life. Our event is an event that promotes LOVE, not HATE, we will invite all people on the political spectrum if this rule can apply. This event is not for bashing the President, even if you might disagree with him on some policies, we must respect the position and America.

Recognition of The True Gay Community in June by @realDonaldTrump is imperative. The #Gay Community Must Decide What’s Best it’s time for a #LGBTexit. Our President no matter which political party they belong to should just like Black History, Women’s Month, etc. should recognize Gay Pride month in June as our struggle for equal rights is just as much a part of American history as the struggles of our Black brothers and sisters, our women, and in fact our Gay Community is various in who is a part of it, we contain all races, all creeds, all nationalities, all sexes. By having our President recognize this month, it is not that we want our President to recognize a political party, give special rights, or endorse our sexuality. Instead, by recognition of Pride month, it focuses on the importance of the leader of the free world to recognize that in our nation we treat EVERYONE equally shows that our nation is the beacon of light in the world.

We also would like our President to ensure everyone is included in recognition, as the chief complaint by many is that “Why are they not recognized?” “What makes all these other groups so special?” Our answer is that our President set aside July as American Pride Month, to set aside a month to recognize EVERYONE in this nation that has had to struggle now and, in the past, to make America the Great nation it is.

We also have a goal during the rally to show that everyone no matter their political party, race, creed, sexuality, nationality, or sex can come TOGETHER for at least one day for the greater good with common goals. Therefore, we want and wish EVERYONE to attend.

Who is Invited:

We do ask those who attend that we keep this event positive, and about unity. All will be invited & we will not discriminate groups/individuals. This Event is Inclusive for EVERYONE no matter your race, gender, religion, sexuality, or political party. But this event will not be Anti-@POTUS (Current or Past)

How Can You Help?

We need a LARGE team to help Promote this event and to attend and help support the safety and fluidness of such a large engagement.

If you would like to Volunteer, Please Email

We are Needing Funding for a Rally

Sadly, even free speech costs money, and an event like this comes with costs. This event requires special staging due to its location.

We need Staging, Projectors, Signage, and some speakers/entertainment that will need travel expenses.

We would also like to have an LGBT & Straight Town Hall

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  • John Giesey1 year ago Great Idea