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Divorce Son in law, Papa Arrested

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A hardship fund forSusen Kennedy

$170 given of $20,000 goal

Divorce Son in law, Papa Arrested

Started by: Susen Kennedy


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Hello my name is Susen. I have been married to my husband for 34 years. We have been very involved in our church over the past 15 years. My husband is a 64 yr old, Father of four and Grandfather of five grandchildren. My daughter who was married for ten years and has three children ages 4, 6 and 10 is getting divorced. This has been a very trying 8 months in our life as we had become empty nesters and now had to help our daughter with this divorce. Her soon to be ex-husband is fighting for total custody of the children and all of the property and possessions leaving her with nothing.

My daughter was a stay at home mom for the first nine years of the marriage as the husband had a job where he was gone three weeks at a time. We had her move back in with us and were willing to let her and the children live with us until she could get back on her feet and get this divorce over. Our daughter does not smoke, drink or do drugs. She has always been a great mom yet we have had to be on the defensive thru this entire process.

My daughter ‘s father in law has been writing a book, so we have heard, over the past couple years for men informing them how to get the most out of their divorce and not pay child support. I guess through both her husband and father in laws tactics we have been subject to being the live version of trying all the deceitful and horrific ways in which to try and accomplish their task.

We have used up all of our retirement savings, closed out 2 IRA’s and have borrowed money from life insurance policies and family members just to pay legal fees. Currently we have spent about $40,000.00 and this does not include our legal fees still to come. This has all been a very costly fight when they are mainly fighting over debt. These children need their mother who has always been there.

Just when we thought we could see a light at the end of the tunnel another blow came from the other side. I and my Daughter and granddaughter went to a baby shower one Sunday afternoon and left the two boys with Grandpa to babysit. He has babysat the two boys when we girls go out numerous times before. That Monday night we were awoken by the doorbell and my husband was arrested and now he has to defend himself for an injury to a child charge that is completely false! Our grandson who has autism and turned 6 in December lost his two bottom teeth and my husband is being accused by my daughter’s husband of hitting him in the mouth and throwing the teeth away! My husband is completely innocent and we are waiting for the no bill, which means all charges dropped any day now. Due to litigation I cannot get into all the details but a soon to be six year old loses his bottom teeth at this age. My grandson had x-rays taken 2 months before he lost his teeth which the dentist at that time said they were fixing to come out at any time. We also have a video taken the evening in question right before the kids went to bed filmed by my granddaughter which shows her brother smiling playing with his toys and then he took his two fingers and held his lip down to show he had lost his teeth. The video clearly shows there was not trauma to his lips, gums or anywhere on his face. I am so glad my granddaughter likes to use my smart phone and act like a you tuber. My grandson has no idea of when that day he lost those two teeth. We think it was from my husband’s over cooked bacon that morning and he swallowed them. We had not discovered that the two teeth were missing until that evening when momma brushed his teeth. The next morning my husband drove the kids to school an hour away. My grandson was reported to have had a normal day at both school and daycare after school. When our grandkids went to their father’s which they were staying that week he decided to take this opportunity and falsely have my husband arrested.

We have had to retain a criminal attorney $10,000 and now trying to figure out how to pay these fees along with the $1500.00 bond that we had to post. My husband would never harm any child or person let alone his grandchildren and now he is being threatened on social media for something that he DID NOT DO! In my wildest dreams I would not have thought that the other side would stoop to this low and do such an evil thing! What I have found is that when this allegation is made against you that you are guilty until proven innocent. My husband is not allowed now to have any contact with our three grandchildren until we can clear his name. To date he has missed two birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. He may never be able to get the deformation of character off of the internet after all the years of being a good father and grandfather.

My daughter has had to move out of our home to an apartment before she was financially ready so that my husband’s legal problem will not keep her from seeing her children. I do not know if this will ever go away and if my husband can ever get his reputation back. All that we have been trying to do is get my daughter custody of her children and the father to be a man and pay his child support and do what is best for the children.

We will provide more information after the litigation is complete on my husband. Our attorney has sent a packet to the Grand Jury and we expect them to no bill him with the evidence we have and the lack of it on the other side. We will be more than happy to give more detail later as my daughters divorce is like something worse than any made up movie plot. What a horrible experience this has been for our family and the poor children involved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If we raise more than what we need then we will gladly donate it to either a family abuse charity or shelter for battered women

Feel free to share this on your Face book page as we would like to get the word out if it can help anyone




Latest Update

Well the Divorce Trail starts this Wednesday. This whole thing has completely wipe us out both financially and emotionally. Please keep us in your prayers

Posted by Susen

March 2 at 3:24am

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Well still waiting on the Grand Jury! The wheels of justice sure move slow and it is frustrating knowing nothing happened. Justice will be served in it's own sweet time!!!!

Posted by Susen

January 30 at 11:25pm

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4 Supporters

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  • Kaylie Kennedy4 years ago Best wishes.
  • James bargsley4 years ago Sorry to hear such a sad and jacked up story. Best of luck and if y’all need anything don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Stephanie Diden4 years ago Our prayers are with you all!
  • ALEX E KENNEDY4 years ago Can’t wait for this to all be over. I love you ❤️