3 Essentials to a Great Surprise Birthday Fund

Josh and I have extensive experience when it comes to gift giving. Though we don’t always have the same taste, we do always agree on one thing: giving feels good. And nothing is quite as fun as giving someone a complete surprise! Surprise birthday funds have been popular on Plumfund. Since birthdays come only once a year, it is a wonderful idea to create a surprise Plumfund for a family member or loved one. You can give a big ticket item, a trip, or even donate to the birthday boy or girl’s favorite charitable organization. To make sure your surprise is a success, here are the three essentials:

Plan Ahead

If you plan to present the guy or gal with their Plumfund campaign on their birthday, make sure that you give yourself enough time to execute the campaign. We recommend at least six weeks in advance in most cases. Are you funding for a new bike, guitar or maybe even a trip? Whatever your surprise gift is, describe it clearly for contributors.

Shhh… Don’t Leave Any Clues

This is probably the most important step because your Plumfund is all about the surprise! Be very strategic about how you share your campaign. We’ve got plenty of different sharing tools to ensure the birthday friend doesn’t accidently find out. It’s also a good idea to constantly remind others that it’s a surprise. Checkout how Zoe did it for Tim’s 36th birthday:

*An example of a birthday fund campaign*

Capture the Moment

It’s finally the surprisee’s big day! Whichever way you plan to finally give them with their gift, capture the moment on camera. Get creative and make it as fun as possible for everyone. For example, if you’re inviting all of your supporters out to a party, ask partygoers to take photos or video of the surprise and ask them to post to Instagram with #birthdayplumfund or setup a dropbox for them to upload to. The footage of the surprise moment from different angles and points of view is a wonderful memory keepsake!

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