Seven Ideas for #GivingTuesday 2015 – What It Is and How You Can Get Involved

Giving Tuesday is a new tradition! After black Friday and cyber Monday, there’s Giving Tuesday! This December 1st, simply find a way to give back to a cause, to your community, or to someone you love. It’s that simple and makes all the difference! If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some ideas to get you started:

Tell Your Plumfund Story

All month long we’ll be sharing inspirational Plumfund stories on the Huffington Post “Giving Tuesday” feed. If you’d like your Plumfund story to be featured on the Huffington Post, contact us here.

Open a Plumfund for Your Favorite Charity

This holiday season, you can make a difference for your favorite cause by opening a holiday charity Plumfund. Just pick a cause you care about and start your campaign here. Be sure to tell your story about why the cause is near and dear to you and what you plan to do with the money raised. Then invite friends and family to give to your campaign as your holiday gift!

Join Giving Tuesday

It’s easy and free! Log on to and become a partner and learn more about how your organization can get involved in #GivingTuesday. Join the community to receive regular e-news and to learn more about the movement and ways you can give back as an individual.

Share #MyGivingStory

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and #GivingTuesday have launched #MyGivingStory. It’s a chance for you to share your giving story — to whom you give and why — and be entered to win $5000 for your favorite nonprofit! Submit your story now through November 24 here.

Get Others Involved

Rally some friends or coworkers and organize a charity drive to support a local food bank, toys for children program or homeless shelter. Invite people to bring items to a central location in town like a grocery store, bookstore or religious center, and deliver the items to your charity of choice!

Support Your Favorite Charity

Write a check to your favorite charity and let friends and family know you gave on their behalf.

Make Giving a Year Long Initiative

The inspiration of #GivingTuesday can be implemented any day of the year! Create calendar reminders to give, in some way, at least four times a year.

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